Code Smith? or Locksmith?

What would you choose a locksmith or codesmith?

There is a significant difference between a code smith and a locksmith. What is a code smith you say?

A codesmith or code smith is an automotive key making technician who can make keys for automotive applications by using a key code provided by NATSF “National Automotive Service Task Force” or third party key code distributors. The NATSF is a service that holds databases to most key codes for cars.

Using a key code service costs money and is an expense for any business who wants to cut a key by code by the VIN.

If using this type of service the ignition has to be the same as it came off the assembly line. For whatever reason if the ignition had been changed out with a different key code then a key code service is a waste of money and time.

A true and effective way to generate a key for an ignition that has been changed will require advanced automotive locksmith skills. This is the service that Josh’s Lock and Key can provide. We are advanced automotive locksmiths who do not use any key code service unless we have to which is a very rare situation.

A true automotive locksmith defeats and decodes automotive locks physically and does not have to rely on a key code service just to make a key.

Josh’s Lock and Key is a true, real deal, automotive locksmith who does not rely on any key code service just to make a key for your car. That is one of the reasons why we are so successful, we cut out costs to rely on any key code services which saves YOU money and our car key cutting service is guaranteed to work or we don’t charge you!

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