Josh’s Lock & Key’s Official Logo

It has been almost seven years in business for Josh’s lock & key and we finally came up with our official logo for our company! Our logo consists of a Schlage type key with a laser engraving the company name on the key¬†and key tag that has our company Name on it. The laser symbolizes how accurate our keys are when we perform our job. At Josh’s lock & key we strive for precision when making keys. Many people don’t know that a key being cut precisely to the exact thousandths of an inch is what makes a good key. Making a good, smooth working key is what makes a good locksmith stand out. Making a key is about precision and that is why we incorporated the laser on our logo.

Josh’s Lock & Key or
JLK for short is proud to be serving New Mexico and we plan on it for years to come.

Phone: (505)896-8194


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