Acura and Honda Ignition Repair

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Acura and Honda Ignition Repair in Albuquerque, NM.

Honda ignition core being rebuilt by Josh’s Lock & Key

At Josh’s Lock & Key we repair Acura and Honda ignitions onsite!

If you own a Honda from the years ranging from 2002 and up and you have a key that looks very similar to this… 

… and you have problems turning your ignition key over to start then you need to call Josh’s Lock and Key the locksmith in Albuquerque, NM. These new style keys from Honda have a design flaw where the keys will eventually wear and cause the tumblers inside the ignition to break thus causing your ignition to lock up. This happens when the tip of the key is damaged with slight imperfections hindering the insertion of the key fully into the lock. When this happens people want to force the key into the ignition harder than a normal key insertion which creates damage to the internal tumblers inside the ignition. After they get the key fully inserting after forcing it, the ignition most likely wont turn. There is a way to fix this ignition problem and it is much better and more affordable than to take it to a mechanic or the dealership. If you get your ignition replaced at a mechanic, chances are you will have a seperate key for the door and the ignition (YUCK) ! We can fix your ignition just as good as new! With our Honda factory key making machine and Honda factory ignition parts we can get you on the road in no time at all at a fraction of the cost than what a mechanic or the dealer would charge you. Plus we know what we are doing! To avoid being over charged for a completely new igntion replacement please call Josh’s Lock and Key for your affordable locksmith solution.


Ignition stuck and won’t turn? Please call if you would like onsite ignition repair service.