Josh’s Lock & Key FAQ

What do I do if I lost the keys to my car or motorcycle or anything else that may require a key?

If you lost the keys completely and have no spare, you will need to call Josh’s Lock and Key at 505-896-8194 to have a new key cut and programmed (if required). Josh’s Lock and Key has state of the art equipment that is up to specific standards to make every key fit to every manufactures locks to the manufacturers specifications. We have specialized equipment to cut keys and program accurately without any damage to your locks.

I’m stranded and lost the keys to my car what do I do?

You can call a towing company to tow your vehicle to the nearest dealership, provide proof of ownership and pay towing and dealership costs to make your key and possibly program it(usually extra fee). Or you can call Josh’s lock and key at 505-896-8194 to come ONSITE and originate the key for you all in one shot. Less time, less money, less hassle.

What is usually the cheapest way out of my own pocket to have a key cut and programmed?

Usually a reputable, local automotive locksmith can beat most dealership prices. Not only that, they will more than likely come to your car and get you running in no time to avoid expensive towing fees!

How are you capable of making a key for a car or truck?

We can originate keys for MOST cars and motorcycles on the road and we use state-of-the-art equipment that deciphers the lock without damaging your property and we use an industry standard code key machine that can cut keys to factory specifications. We can do FORD, Chrysler, Jeep, Eagle, Chevy, GM, Honda, just to name a few.

If you were to originate a key for a car or motorcycle how long does the process take?

Depends on the type of vehicle. It could take from 10 mins to up to 2 hrs. Depends on the particular year, make and model. Like for instance if it needs programming it may take an extra 30-40 mins to program a key once it has been cut. Please call 505-896-8194 for any questions..

Can you make or replace a car key from the vin number?

Yes. When a vehicle comes from the factory the locks on the vehicle come with a key code that is assigned to that car. These key codes are securely stored in a database. Only security professionals and car dealerships can have access to these key codes, and Josh’s Lock & Key does provide this service at an additional cost. We don’t use key code services much because it’s an extra expense we don’t need and we use true locksmith methods to create a key from scratch; like impressioning skills.

What is a transponder (chip) key?

In a nutshell its a key with a plastic or remote head that has a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in it that sends a signal to your vehicles ECU or Engine Control Unit. If the ECU recognizes the chip in the key it will give the car the OK to start.

How does the Engine Control Unit know if it recognizes the key?

When the key has been programmed into the vehicle.