Laser Keys

Do you or did you have a laser sidewinder high security key for your car? Well we can help you replace your lost or stolen one!

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What is a laser key or sidewinder high security key? Well it’s been around for quite sometime now. Mercedes cars were well into this technology in the late 70’s and most car manufacturers are converting thier new model cars with this key technology!

What do sidewinder keys look like? There are two track and four track keys. Some are cut externally or internally.

Here is an example of a 2 track internal cut key for a volkswagon.

Notice the internal groove. This is a 2 track internally cut key.

Another example is an internally cut 4 track key. Lexus keys are made this way here is an example of a Lexus 4 track key.

Notice the cuts for this key are inside the key but has cuts on each side(left and right sides). If you were to flip the key over it would look identical.

There are also externally 4 track high security keys too. Another example would be the new Honda key. It looks like this…

Notice the cuts on each side of the key. These keys are cut on the exterior part of the key thus calling it a 4 track externally cut key.


These are just examples of the technology that most newer car manufacturers are taking to keep the cars safe. And at Josh’s Lock and Key we can duplicate most of these types of keys.


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